What is a ‘Seelenlied’ and what is it good for?

It has been often recounted that there was an ancient tribe where each person had a unique song for their soul. As soon the thought of a newborn enters its mother’s mind, she sits down quietly underneath a tree, listening until the song of the child emerges. Then she should teach the song to her husband. They then both sing it together to welcome the child’s soul even before the procreation. During the woman’s pregnancy, the family and the midwife learn the song as well. At any significant station in this person’s life, the song is sung by the family. For example, birth, the first school day, marriage… Even if the person commits a crime, the community makes a circle around him, singing carefully his song to him, until he returns to his center, remembering who he really is. Thus, the song accompanies the person its whole life until death, where the song is sung a last time, to wave his soul good bye.

(based loosely on Alan Cohen)


Every human being has his own Seelenlied, even if  few can hear it.

I have the gift of making it audible to you. Sung in the language of your soul.


By listening to your Seelenlied, you can always connect with your essence and discover who you really are. Your field transforms into higher frequencies, you feel safe and at home and you find your own center.

Based on your name, and your permission, I connect with you on the level of being and receive in deep absorption your unique Seelenlied. I’ll make a recording of that and send it to you.

Your Seelenlied is about 5 minutes and in a language that is intuitive; interacting directly on a deeper, more subtle level.

My recommendation is to hear your Seelenlied at least once a full lunar cycle, from full moon to one day before the following full moon. Best listened to with good headphones, so that all vibrations are transported. It makes a difference!

This time represents a transformation phase that brings you completely into your midst. And just as there will be changes in your life, so too will your listening experience change during this phase. Just listen without judgment or expectations.

After this first month, you can listen to your Seelenlied whenever you wish or need. For example, when you feel stressed or exhausted, or when something has stirred you up emotionally. Your Seelenlied can bring you back to your center in no time and remind you who you really are.

Every Seelenlied is unique, just like every soul.[/read]


What does a Seelenlied sound like?

About me

Susanne Dobrusskin

After studying acting with the main study pantomime at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, I worked as an actress and singer and for many years successful as a professional speaker for film, radio and television. This was followed by projects as a dubbing writer and dubbing director. A sudden, undiagnosable speech block forced me to give up my profession as a speaker from one day to the next. This plunged me into an existential crisis that eventually led me to discover my life’s mission. I recognized the gift of my intuitive singing which touches people deeply and connects them, in a gentle and wholesome way, with their essence. Since then, I have devoted myself entirely to the singing for people and the singing of Seelenlieder. Why? Because it fills me deeply with joy. And because it works.


 „Ich liebe es! Es ist, als wäre ich selbst das Lied! In den ersten Sekunden fühlte ich das, fühlte mich wie verschmolzen, geborgen, angenommen.“  Anne


„Wenn ich mein Seelenlied höre, fühle ich mich so geborgen und beschützt – von etwas sehr Großem und Mächtigen. Es ist auch ein bisschen wie ein Wiegenlied. Das Seelenlied berührt mich ganz tief. Und neben dem Gefühl von Liebe schwingt auch ein bisschen Wehmut mit. Beim Hören sackt meine Anspannung sofort weg und besonders nach mehrmaligem Hören bin ich ganz entspannt und bei mir und gestärkt.“   Gabriele


„Schon bei der ersten Melodie begannen mir die Tränen zu laufen. Ich kenne dieses Lied und wusste aus mir heraus, was als nächstes kommt. Teilweise hätte ich mitsingen können. Auch spiegelt es mich genauso wieder, wofür ich noch kein Wort gefunden habe. Vielleicht der Ausdruck eines Vogels oder der Pulsschlag eines Pferdes. Die ganzen 6 Minuten haben mich tief berührt und ich freue mich auf die nächste Mondphase, damit es seinen ganzen Zauber entfalten kann. Liebe Susanne, ich danke Dir sehr, mir dieses Lied gesungen zu haben, dass ich immer, wenn ich es vergesse in mir zu fühlen, es zur Erinnerung anhören kann.“  Dina


  „Das Seelenlied erinnerte mich tatsächlich daran, wer ICH BIN!!
Und das so ganz anders, als ich mir das vorgestellt habe. Natürlich! SELBSTverständlich! Subtiler und kraftvoller.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für diesen gesungenen Meilenstein, liebe Susanne.“     Sabine


 „Ich höre es mir ja täglich an, und jedes Mal habe ich sofort das Gefühl, ich werde liebevoll umarmt bzw. an den Händen gehalten. Es strahlt so eine Ruhe in mir aus und ich finde, Du hast dieses Seelenlied sehr gut für mich getroffen. Ich danke Dir wirklich sehr und umarme Dich,“     Birgit


 „I can’t believe what a gift you have for singing and transporting the listener to another plane.“  Lisa


„Beim ersten Ton weitet sich mein Geist, dann schwebe ich mit meinen Gedanken über Landschaften, wie in Trance. Die Zeit verflüchtigt sich im Flow.“  Sylvia

Contact and Order

Susanne Dobrusskin

PO Box 121140
D-10605 Berlin

tel: +49 172 861 3541
email: info@susanne-dobrusskin.de

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What do I need to create your Seelenlied?

Via email, I need a photo of you, preferably not older than three months, your full name and your date of birth.
With this information, I can connect with you on an essential level and receive your Seelenlied. I will then make a recording of your Seelenlied, which will be 5 to 7 minutes long.

How much does your Seelenlied cost?

Your Seelenlied, sent as a sound file (wav and mp3) via email costs 280,- € including VAT.

If you want to get your Seelenlied via post on an USB-stick, it costs 300,- € plus shipping outside Germany.

After ordering, you’ll receive a bill together with the link to download your Seelenlied. It may take up to 14 days from order to delivery.

My work is neither therapy nor treatment. I do not take any liability or make any healing promises.

The collection of your name and email address is to allow me to answer your request for information. By accepting this, you are providing consent to contact you in regard to this request only. More information is available on my website under "Datenschutzerklärung."