Contact and Order

Susanne Dobrusskin

PO Box 121140
D-10605 Berlin

tel: +49 172 861 3541

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What do I need to create your Seelenlied?

Via email, I need a photo of you, preferably not older than three months, your full name and your date of birth.
With this information, I can connect with you on an essential level and receive your Seelenlied. I will then make a recording of your Seelenlied, which will be 5 to 7 minutes long.

How much does your Seelenlied cost?

Your Seelenlied, sent as a sound file (wav and mp3) via email costs 280,- € including VAT.

If you want to get your Seelenlied via post on an USB-stick, it costs 300,- € plus shipping outside Germany.

After ordering, you’ll receive a bill together with the link to download your Seelenlied. It may take up to 14 days from order to delivery.

My work is neither therapy nor treatment. I do not take any liability or make any healing promises.

The collection of your name and email address is to allow me to answer your request for information. By accepting this, you are providing consent to contact you in regard to this request only. More information is available on my website under "Datenschutzerklärung."